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Children and Youth

At Westminster Presbyterian Church, we believe that children and youth are one of the most important aspects of our congregation, because they truly represent the future of our church. We offer several programs for all age groups including a nursery and Children’s Church, LOGOS program, a Youth Group, Vacation Bible School, Fellowship activities and much more. We also offer seasonal programs including an Advent Workshop, Christmas Program and Easter Activities.

Growing up in today’s world is tough! Young people experience unique pressures and stress that no previous generation has ever known. In the face of this reality, children seek to be known….to be in meaningful relationships with adults. They want to believe that someone cares and so they search to find those relationships wherever they can.

We can be an agent of hope by nurturing our young people into that most important relationship, one with Jesus Christ. A congregation that is living out the practice of mirroring Christ to one another is making it possible for children to “catch” the faith and learn what it means to be Christ-like. Parents and the church must work together to establish and sustain an environment of faith formation that produces a whole life biblical world view. This perspective influences all other activities, experiences and relationships in order to support a child’s journey toward discipleship.